Vine is East Africa’s only healthcare premium financing solution. If you have ever missed a payment for NHIF or any other health insurance cover then Vine is for you.

We all need good quality health care but we are at risk of losing insurance cover when we delay a payment. Without insurance we would be forced to pay for health care out of pocket. Out-of-pocket health expenditures expose us to the risk of poverty. It means using our life savings, borrowing from shylocks or selling our household assets.

When you sign up with Vine you get peace of mind knowing that we shall always pay your premiums when they fall due. Vine software pays directly to the insurer without any action needed from you. You then receive an SMS reminding you to repay the outstanding amount. The daily fee is only charged as long as the amount is outstanding.

Best of all, you never lose your insurance cover and can sleep easy at night knowing you are covered.